Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Optimist Yacht and how to make it

This is my Optimist Yacht. It's not the most perfect one, but it's pretty good for me.
To make a paper Optimist Yacht you will need: Optimist Yacht Paper Template, Scissors, A Glue Stick, 
Sellotape, Straws and Toothpicks. To start we had to cut out, folded and glue together our actual boat.
Then, we had to do the same thing, except with the Mast Step( That's actually what it's called ). After that you cut, fold and glue together the Centreboard Case. Finally, you cut out, fold and glue together the Rudder, Tiller and Seat ( We just call it that ). You make a Mast out of anything you like! Now underneath here is a picture of my yacht:

 Post By Ethan Broadley

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